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Web design

To achieve your goals, you need a web face that ranks beyond the parameters of good and average.

Web Development

In the virtual world of business, your website is your representative. Thus, it should have all the features which could give...

Mobile App

Whether you want an application for iOS, android, we can develop a suitable application as per your choice.

Digital Marketing

The crux of online business lies here. Every website is designed and crafted to be in the prima-list of search engine result pages.

Mobile Application Development

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iPhone Application Development

iPhone is significantly the best mobile phone available in the present scenario. This is the obsession for gadget geeks of the planet. With iPhone 5s and 5C hitting the market, the manufacturing company Apple Inc.has set a new bench mark. The company is known for making devices which incorporate almost every futuristic feature but are presented in the most user-friendly interface.

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Android Application Development

Considering the fervor for smartphone apps, iDev Technolabs has expanded its mobile application service portfolio. With creative ideation and excellent professionals, we have excelled in the department of android apps development. Ranging from pulsating games to intelligent tracking applications, we have expertise in development of almost every sort of apps.

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Windows Application Development

Launch of the latest operating system from Microsoft –windows 8 has created a stir in the tech world. With Microsoft buying one of the biggest mobile makers of the world- Nokia, the horizon for windows mobile has got broader. This will also help windows mobile in carving a space in android and iPhone dominated market. Since the PC world is ruled by windows operating system, a windows mobile phone enjoys an extensive reach. Hence, using windows mobile application for your business might prove very fruitful.

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PhoneGap Application Development

Leveraging open source HTML5 to make latest mobile applications there are many new development frameworks have been incepted. PhoneGap is one of them. It has taken to the first place due to its advanced features. PhoneGap is more popular due to its ability to give javascript access to the useful native features to web developers. Apart from it, PhoneGap also makes GPS, camera, databases and other APIs of mobile device more accessible as well as easier for integration.

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